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What We Offer

Transparent LoveTransparent love is part of a restorative journey designed to provide hope and freedom from unwanted sexual thoughts and behaviors. The journey begins with you. It is an awareness that you are struggling with sexual behaviors that feel out of control and you need help navigating your way to sexual health. The next part of the journey is asking for help and partnering with others who have struggled with the same unwanted thoughts and behaviors. Healing takes place in a safe, supportive, and accepting community of people who understand what you are struggling with.

Transparent Love provides group and individual therapy for women struggling with unwanted sexual thoughts and behaviors. Many people struggling with sexual addiction do not know how to attach in a healthy ways, they are lacking skills necessary to do this. Transparent love helps you recognize the needs driving your unwanted behaviors, provides you with skills and insight to meet these needs in a healthy way, and allows for added directive by a therapist.

Transparent Love is a safe place to begin to be honest with yourself and others about your struggles. True intimacy and authenticity is developed as you form healthy relationships, and your needs for acceptance, love, and belonging are met.

Our support groups offer support for women in a non-threatening and encouraging environment.

Getting Help

Individual Counseling for women is available now.

Group Counseling sessions are 8 weeks in length. Reserve a space now if you are interested.

Support Groups offer ongoing support for women in a non-threatening and supportive environment.

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